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About GolfPyramid

GolfPyramid is the ultimate website for dedicated golfers and experts working toward lower scores. We want to take golf into the future. This site helps you to approach golf related training and tournament preparation in the same methodical manner as Olympic medalists and World Champions in other sports have done for many years.

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Why use GolfPyramid?


This website helps you to maximize the return of investment (ROI) in training and coaching, by using the Loop as a core structure. GolfPyramid enhance the communication within the player-coach network so that all can work together toward the same goals.


Work on all main areas affecting the tournament outcome. GolfPyramid gives you a complete toolbox including game statistics, technique, strategy, mental, fitness, and equipment. Don´t work with many different sites – work with GolfPyramid!

Get into the Loop.

Identify your assumption of cause and effect in training and tournament. Monitor the training results. Test these assumptions and learn from it. Improve the results by using evidence based training!

Create synergy.

Enhance communication and make everyone understand the goals and plans. Let one plus one be more than two by cooperating more effectively!


There are many more benefits by using GolfPyramid, depending on your needs. Play better golf, work faster, market your brand, and earn money are some examples. Read more on the different menus and contact us if you have more questions.

Who is it for?


The individual who strives to play better golf. Read more about the Guest Player (occasional player) and Member Player (dedicated players) accounts under the For Players menu.


Those who support players such as technical instructors, golf coaches, club makers, physiotherapists, personal trainers, mental advisors, psychologists, non-profit leaders and parents. Read more about the Team Coach and Pro Coach account under the For Coaches menu.


We can provide unique services with taylor made designs (white label) and research (provided by experienced sport scientists). The organization then strengthen its brand and increases its knowledge of training and tournament processes by ordering research based on collected data.

We currently supports national teams, districts, high schools, universities and academies that wants to administer and secure communication, training and tournament results over large communities.

How to start?

Sign up for an account. Pay for a subscription. Get into action.

Learn about the accounts and select the one that suits you the best. Read about the two player accounts ”Guest Player” and Member Player” under For Players menu, and about ”Team Coach” and ”Pro Coach” accounts under For Coaches. If you are responsible for a larger organization, then send us an email and we will contact you.


The main work behind GolfPyramid was initiated 1998 by John Hellström. is owned by Golfpyramid AB with John Hellström as President. The site has grown organically over the years, meaning that the development has been done without external loans or part ownerships. This means that the company has a very solid foundation and is very flexible. GolfPyramid is now used by dedicated amateur and professional players, top coaches and organizations.

Many experts have contributed to the evolution of this website since the start. The Swedish National Team's expert groups consisting of mental advisors, technical instructors, club makers, physiotherapists, and athletic trainers have all contributed to the platform over the years. International leading experts such as Golf BioDynamics team with top biomechanist Dr. Rob Neal, the Golf Athlete team including the skilled physiotherapist Michael Dalgleish, putting researcher Dr. Jon Karlsen, sport scientists Dr. Leif Isberg and Dr. Johnny Nilsson are some of the experts that have supports the evolution of this website.

The name GolfPyramid comes from a model called the GolfPyramid (Hellstrom, 1999; Hellstrom 2002). It is used when doing gap and needs profiles in the first step of the Loop. It shows the main areas needed for elite golf, and their direct and indirect relation to the tournament outcome.

A top-ranked PGA teaching professional, John was selected for Teacher of the Year Award 2007 by the PGA of Sweden. He is also a martial-art black belt. Integrating psychology, physiology and biomechanics in both practical work and research, he has worked as a consultant to elite players, coaches, and national teams in several countries. John is the co-author of Toward Lower Scores and author of Physical Training for Golf; both books are published in Swedish and are used in the Swedish golf educational system.

John is currently head of R&D for the Swedish Golf Federation, specializing in performance enhancement in golf from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He has a University Diploma in Sports Science and Coaching (1999) and a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education (2001) from the Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports; and a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in psychology toward sports from the University of Stockholm (2002). He has published several research articles related to elite golf and performance, and much of those findings are used within GolfPyramid.